When: June 22, 2021 from 10:00am-11:00am
Where: via WebEx
Cost: Free

OVERVIEW OF THE ILLINOIS GUARDIANSHIP AND ADVOCACY COMMISSION-HUMAN RIGHTS AUTHORITY, The Human Rights Authority is a State of Illinois disability advocacy program. This agency works with and advocates for individuals with disabilities who have had their rights violated by a disability service provider. The HRA works collaboratively with a large group of volunteer board members to advocate for systemic change within disability services. This training will provide a background of the HRA, types of complaints investigated, legal framework for determining the outcome of an investigation and how investigation complaints differ throughout the State of Illinois. (Pending 1.0 CEU/NCG-Pending 1.0 MCLE credits)

About the presenters:

Jon Burnet HRA Managing Administrator Northern Regions, Jon covers the northern regions of the state and has been with the agency for 21 years at the Rockford and Springfield offices. In that time he has served on legislative workgroups and statewide abuse reporting and forensic treatment task forces.

Gene Seaman HRA Managing Administrator Southern Regions, has worked with the Illinois Guardianship and Advocacy Commission for 11 years. He began his career with the agency as the Disability Rights Manager for the Peoria Region and then moved to Managing Administrator for the southern regions of the state. Outside of the IGAC, Gene has participated on boards for improving job opportunities for students in special education programs, individuals with disabilities who are sexual assault survivors, and early childhood intervention.

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